Q11: DVD-Abend "The Queen"

Dienstag, 9. Juli 2013 - 16:30

Alle Englischkurse der Oberstufe, sowie alle Interessierten aus der Q11 sind herzlich zu einem DVD-Abend im Megaron eingeladen. Gezeigt wird der mit einem Oscar ausgezeichnete Film "The Queen", natürlich im Originalton. Unter den Ratings in der International Movie Database findet man fast ausschließlich Lob:

"On the 1st of September 1997, the world saw tragedy. In the turmoil that followed, Princess Diana's death was blamed on the Media, the driver, and an entire array of others, before the upset and ill-meant malaise of the public was turned sneeringly to the Royal Family. In this film, we get a glimpse of what life was like inside Buckingham Palace, and whether The Queen (played here by Helen Mirren) was being cold and uncaring, or, if she was the one who was suffering most of all."

"Let's start by saying that the film itself is a perfect reflection of the days we live in. A deep human drama with a tabloid sensibility. A tradition that's lasted over a thousand years shaken by a world who demands public spectacle. Humbleness or humiliation? Asks Queen Elizabeth to her Prime Minister. Talk Show audiences wouldn't know the difference and we are all, one way or another, talk show audiences."

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