Q11: DVD-Abend "The Great Gatsby"

Dienstag, 16. Juli 2013 - 18:00

Alle Englischkurse der Oberstufe, sowie alle Interessierte aus der Q11 sind herzlich zu einem DVD-Abend im Megaron eingeladen. Gezeigt wird "The Great Gatsby" von 1974 mit Robert Redford (Originalton). Stimmen aus der International Movie Database:

"Critics tended to pan this version of what may be America's greatest novel. I've read the book three times and seen several movie, TV, and theater productions. I'm not at all a Redford fan, but have to admit he captures Gatsby perfectly. Every other actor wants us to see Gatsby's rough past in his character, only Redford lets you feel that just below the surface - just as Fitzgerald wrote it.

"This lavish Hollywood treatment of the Classic F. Scott Fitzgerald novel is a visual and acoustic delight. Nelson Riddle's spellbinding score and the many brilliant camera shots capturing the splendor of an age of excesses and indulgences make for engaging entertainment. Still, the dark story will leave the viewer numb at the eventual (bitter) end."

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